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Support for Survivors of Incest, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence from author & survivor Marie Waldrep


Welcome to The Mighty Phoenix website.

I am here to offer some insight, spread awareness, and to share some of my work with you. I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual assault (CSA), etc.

I am the author of "A Voice That Has Spoken From Within: A Survivor's Feelings Expressed Through Poetry" and "Emotions of a Survivor's Heart", which contains some of the poems that I have written. You can find my books on


I was previously using geocities, but they are going to be shutting down, so I have to transfer all of my hard work to another place (make a new website)!


Mission Statement

My purpose for creating my websites is to provide helpful information to survivors of childhood sexual assault and to let them know that there is hope for them. I want all who have been, or is being abused now, to know that they are NOT alone. With the right resources and support, you can learn to live again.

Every Two Minutes Someone Is Being Sexually Assaulted or Raped.

We need to contact our local government, congress, legislators, and whoever it takes to get the laws changed for victims of incest, childhood sexual assault, and other forms of physical or sexual abuse. It is so unfair for the victims to be told that there is nothing they can do against their perpetrators because their statute of limitations has run out (by the time they -the victim- found enough courage to come forward and get help). Being sexually assaulted affects the rest of your life and is very debilitating. Why should the perpetrators be able to lay their heads down at night and get a peaceful night's sleep?

The mental cruelty that the victims have to go through is so unfair. You feel trapped, ashamed, guilty, powerless, dirty, unprotected, empty, hopeless, and very confused. You have countless nights of not being able to sleep because you are too nervous and afraid to go to sleep.... because you feel all alone... like you are living a nightmare... You want to wake up out of it, but you can't. It is so very important that we, survivors of this awful crime, break the silent secrets of sexual assault (and other forms of abuse).

As survivors of abuse, we must learn how to set boundaries for ourselves.

As you start in your healing process from being a victim of abuse, it is very, very important to recognize all signs of being in denial.If you are being dishonest with yourself about the abuse and lieing to yourself, you are not going to be able to heal from the trauma that you have endured. Healing is not an easy process. You have to first accept what has happened to you, then face it, to move forward.
You did nothing wrong. What happened to you was NOT your fault.You must end the self-blame, guilt, and shame thought processes... and place those things where they below: with the abuser/abuser / perpetrato/perpetrator. In NO way are you responsible for what happened to you;it was NOT your fault!
Remember, healing is a slow process, a journey. What happened to us didn't just happen over night, so the healing is not going to just happen over night either. Healing takes time and patience.
Healing is in remembering what we went through and learning how to manage what we remember to help us grow. Believe it or not, feeling is healing. It is when we allow ourselves to feel what we have kept silent for so long that our healing begins to happen.
You can heal and YOU are worth taking the time and effort in doing so!

Wishing you peace, comfort, and healing on your journey to recovery,
Marie Waldrep

CHANGE - To ensure survival, change is essential.

Here's what YOU can do to STOP Sexual Assault:
1. Raise awareness about sexual assault. Encourage your school, place of worship, community center, workplace, hospital, or local library to provide current resources about sexual assault.
2. Tell people it is NEVER ok for someone to force sex. -not even if someone has been drinking, not if a person has agreed to sex in the past (but doesn't want to have sex now), not if a person is sexually turned on - NEVER FORCE someone to have done/do ANY sexual activity!
3. Confront attitudes and beliefs that support rape. Openly disagree with people who make comments that blame the victims, and which you know are not true. Objest to comments that degrade women or reinforce rigid sex role stereotypes. Point out that riged beliefs about gender roles add to the risk of interpersonal violence.
4. Donate to programs that address sexual assault. Give money or volunteer your time to your local community sexual assault center.
5. Remember you always have the right to say NO! to touching or sex, under any circumstances. If someone disregards your wishes of not wanting to be touched or not wanting to have sex, they have made a choice to not listen. They have violated your boundaries. This is not your FAULT!
6. Team up and help friends stay safer! Use the buddy system to help keep friends from being alone in vulnerable situations.
 7. Base your own relationships in respect for your partner! Listen to and honor your partner's wishes. Never push or force anyone into unwanted sexual contact.  
                          COMMUNITY! NO MEANS NO!