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Support for Survivors of Incest, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence from author & survivor Marie Waldrep

          Nurturing Yourself


Self-care is one of the hardest things for survivors of sexual assault. However, it is necessary to learn to Nurture yourself as you begin in your healing process. Learning to nurture myself has been hard,because I didn't really know what it meant to nurture myself. I always felt responsible for everyone else and I neglected to take care of my own needs. It wasn't until I started going to my counselor and my support group that I realized the importance of taking care of myself.
In nurturing yourself you find little things in your everyday life to renew, calm, and uplift your body, mind and spirt. These things DO JUST FOR

Here are some ideas to help you learn to nurture yourself as you begin your journey to heal.

* Pray
* Spend the day doing just what you want
* Go have lunch with a dear friend
* Start a gratitude journal and express your thanks on a daily basis
* Read a good Book
* Snack on your favorite comfort food
* Take a long nap
* Take a nice warm bubble bath
* Listen to soothing music
* Take a long peaceful walk with a friend
* Buy yourself something special
* Go watch a movie
* Call a good friend
* bask in the beautiful sunshine
* write from your soul
* sing
* Go have your hair done
* Have yourself a good cry
* Ask for a Hug
* Learn something new
* Go for a drive in the Country
* Go fishing
* Meditate on something relaxing for you