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Support for Survivors of Incest, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence from author & survivor Marie Waldrep

Thoughts and Quotes

Guilt is a form of anger directed toward one's self.
We should not feel guilty for something that we had no control over. We did not ask to be sexually assaulted. Some of us were children, some of us were teens and some of us were adults. What ever the case may have been, this was not our fault!
Marie Waldrep


Shame is a painful feeling of embarrassment or disgrace brought on by doing something wrong.
  As sexual assault survivors we are disappointed in ourselves because we feel as if there should have been something we could have done to prevent the assault from happening to us. We feel like we are a disgrace for some reason, we just don't know for what. We blame ourselves. If Only...! If only what? What happened to us was not our fault. We had no control over it. No matter how we look at it we were not in control. We were powerless over the situation at hand. We did what we could to survive. Now we have to reach deep down inside and unlock that chain of shame, for we are not to blame for the sexual assault that happened to us. We need to set ourselves free from that awful feeling- SHAME.
Marie Waldrep


One of my main goals in starting my website is to hopefully help others know that they are not alone and to let them know that the feelings they are having is completely normal because of the sexual abuse they went through. I am a survivor, you are not alone. I also hope that others will find some helpful information to start in their own healing process. I wish you all the best in your healing.
Marie Waldrep


Helping sexual assault/incest victims, providing them with information and support will help them get a better understanding of their experience and enhance their ability to try to re-establish some sense of safety and trust in their life. We were powerless over the situation at hand. Our trust and dignity was striped away from us. We had no control then. We felt helpless. We had no clue of what to do. Some of us now, still feel the same way as then. We have to fight like crazy to find that key and unlock those chains that have bound us for so long. We are a lot stronger than we think we are. How do you think we have made it through all these years of silence? We must break free from our haunting past. We must learn to live life and enjoy it. We must not let this control us any longer. We must take that step forward and start on our journey of healing. We are worth putting effort in ourselves to have a healthier, happier life.
Marie Waldrep


Always remember what happened to you was NOT your fault. You did not ask to be sexually assaulted. You were only a child. If you look at a child today stop and think of how that child is acting. They don't know much about life yet. That is the way you and I were. We didn't yet know what life was about and we certainly had no clue about what sex was about. We were victims to a cruel and very traumatic crime, but now we are survivors. We will over come this with the right help and resources.
Marie Waldrep


No one should live their life in fear form being a victim of sexual assault. If you have been a victim of sexual assault/incest get help immediately. Call your local sexual assault/rape crisis center. They can assist you with the help you need.
Marie Waldrep


As survivors it is sometimes hard for us to see/recognize the small things in our life we should be thankful for.
Marie Waldrep


As sexual assault survivors we must learn how to set boundaries for ourselves.


Self-esteem is an indicator of one knowing that they are worth something in life and feeling complete competence.


Admire those who succeed, and learn from their success.


"Learning happens many different ways, and working on working yourself back into regular life will happen with many hands and hearts".
Diana Winslow


Your faith in yourself is all you will ever have. Don't let anyone take it away from you ever. - Holly Marie Combs


"There is no difference between being Raped and going head first through a windshield except that afterward you are afraid not of cars, but of half  the human race."
-Marge Piercy


No one knows what he can do until he tries.